From Visitor to Resident

Ever since I moved to San Francisco two years ago I was attracted to The Sunset more so than any other neighborhood (well, maybe apart from the Haight). Its proximity to the ocean and how it is so non-hectic compared to the rest of the city was perfect but I was never able to find […]

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Erosion and El Nino

The expected El Nino winter would mean heavy erosion for the already worn down southern Sloat Boulevard entrance of Ocean Beach. Most people who visit Ocean Beach through Sloat know that a second entrance a few hundred feet from the main entrance is available. There was a while last year when it was closed during the […]

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Carol Schuldt

Off of Judah across from the Pacific ocean there is a blue painted house. A Saint Francis mural on the side, seashells on the garage door and mosaic steps as well as several knicks and knacks, wood carven paintings and leafy plants. In this house lives Carol Schuldt who was born June 26, 1933. She sits […]

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The New Face of 2800 Sloat

Bulldozers dig in the ground a telltale sign of a new big building in the works. Not a surprise in San Francisco except this is not in The Mission or in the Financial District, and there are no outcries against gentrification and unneeded luxury housing. At 2800 Sloat Blvd. in the Outer Sunset, right across […]

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